“epavlispavlakis quartets” review by Frans de Waard


EPAVLIS PAVLAKIS – 16 QUARTETS (cassette by Noise Below)

Despite being active in playing classic flute under his real name, Pavlos Vakalos and since 1999 creating
collages with sound as Epavlis Pavlakis, I never heard of him before. In 2014 and 2015 he worked on the
’16 Quartets’ that we find on this tape. The label calls this “Erratic noise situations, soundscapes,
narratives unreal, chaotic audio coordinated cluster”, which perfectly sums this up. First of all I have
no idea why these would be ‘quartets’, although I can imagine this is recorded on a four-track machine;
that could be an explanation. It seems that Epavlis Pavlakis puts rather random sound events on tape,
spoken word, a bit of field recordings, some classical music, some pop music, and none of this has a
relation to each other it seems. One could ridicule this as some ‘objets trouvees’, stuck together in
some random order, and some of this is a bit of a miss, but most of the time I thought this was all quite
captivating as it works pretty well. It has usually something mysterious and strange. It’s not very noise
based, which is good, and the different sounds are pretty much clear in detail. None of this uses rapid
editing, but once a quartet is set in motion it stays there, volume wise and dynamic wise. Quite an odd
release, I’d say, but one that works pretty well. Strange music is probably the best description. (FdW)

Frans de Waard / vital weekly 1023 / The Netherlands


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