epavlis pavlakis ’16 quartets’ cs (lim. 70 copies) on noise-below.

16 κουαρτέτα Conceptualism. Αλλοπρόσαλλες ηχητικές καταστάσεις, ηχητικά τοπία,

αφηγήσεις μη υπαρκτών προσώπων, χαοτικό ηχητικό συντεταγμένο σύμπλεγμα.

16 quartets Conceptualism. Erratic noise situations, soundscapes,

narratives unreal, chaotic audio coordinated cluster.

review by vital weekly ( Frans de Waard, The Netherlands )

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i) quartet for piano, drums, oboe and BBC weather report

piano: Thelonious Monk – Dinah
drums : Joe Taranto drums solo
oboe : Ernest Rombout plays ci tace from Eric Verbugt.
BBC weather report : Laura Tobin

iv) quartet for field recording, bass, chicken recipe and quilting.

Field recording
bass : Adam Ben Ezra solo
recipe : chicken chasseur recipe
voice : Layer Cake Quilt – Quilting Made Simple

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